Tips for Applying Pomade on Curly Hair

So, you have a curly hair – so what? You can still achieve your preferred old school, pompadour hairstyle if you so desire.

Pomades come in a variety of hold strength – light, medium and strong hold. For styling a curly hair, you will need pomade with stronger hold because curly hair is harder to straighten.

Let’s move on to the tips for using pomade for curly hair.

  • As with all hair types, pomade works well with clean and damp hair. This is extremely important for curly hair because moisture helps to loosen the curls, for easier penetration of the pomade.
  • Using a good conditioner will help soften the hair for ease during styling.
  • Dry with a towel after washing; you don’t want your hair dripping wet, this will prevent the pomade from sticking. You don’t want to dry too much either, the hair should be a little damp, this is best.
  • Use a comb to comb the hair backwards to loosen the tangles and to create a direction for your hair. A few strokes of the comb should be enough to loosen the curls; they may come back of course but a direction of flow has been set and the hair is softer now.
  • Your pomade should be of high quality and of strong hold. Scoop a dime-sized amount and distribute evenly on your palm by rubbing both palms together. Generally better to start small then work your way up. If this is not enough  for waivy hairstyle type you can always get a best pomade for wavy hair. Apply the pomade to your hair evenly; making sure it covers all parts of your hair…or most of it. Use your fingers to run through your hair for even distribution.
  • Use a comb to achieve the styling you want. The more pomade you apply, the more hold you will achieve so if the hold is not enough, you can always add more pomade. It is always better to start small so as not to create a mess. Oil-based pomade is hard to get off hair so watch how much you apply because there will always be a small amount left in the hair till the next day.

So, it is possible after all to achieve that Elvis Presley look even with your curls. The tips listed above will guide you to doing that. With time, your hair will get used to the new direction and the pomade, making styling a lot less hard as when you were starting out.


Best Nursing Shoes to Save Your Feet from Pain

5b5767c6f8252e5a4326f7edc0aa097bStanding all day can result to foot pain. Wearing the right shoes can reduce the risk of such pains, allowing you focus on the patients rather than your aching foot.

Nurses often deal with foot, ankle, knee and back pains as a result of standing, running and walking constantly during shifts.

Rocker shoes

Rocker shoes have thick and round soles, they make up for lost functionality that can be caused by a stiff big toe joint. They help reduce and possibly stop the pain in the big toe or the ball of the foot. These shoes are good for anyone with ankle arthritis or bunion. Rocker shoes can alter your balance so it might take some time to get used to them.


Clogs are the footwear of choice among nurses. They are comfortable on foot, easy to slip on and off. Although, clogs with no rubber bottom, too loose, or generally low-quality clogs not designed for heavy usage can cause foot and back aches, sores and Achilles’ tendon. If you must use clogs, then go for clogs designed for heavy usage and good heel support.


Nurses who work long shifts and have foot ankle or foot conditions, orthopedic footwear should be worn daily. These are shoes designed to address a particular foot or ankle problem. These shoes generally have more padding and conform to your foot for greater comfort and support.

Running Shoes

Nurses are almost on the run all-day so running shoes would do great on their feet. Running shoes support the ankles and arches and keep the feet in a stable position.

Cross trainers are a great option for nurses with rolling ankles because they rise up higher on the ankle.

Inserts for Improved Support

Nurses with high, low or non-existent arches should invest in orthotic inserts for greater support. Orthotic inserts are great as they provide support for the arches, investing in them will be a good idea.


Wearing the good nursing shoes without socks can result to blisters if the shoes are not well padded and smelly feet. Cotton socks is not an ideal material for socks for all-day usage because it soaks up moisture. Compression socks are best because they keep circulation going as you stand for hours.


Replacing your worn out shoes are a great way of keeping your foot in top shape. If your shoes are excessively worn, the support materials break down and result in problems for your foot. Rotating between footwears can be great also as it reduces the stress each pair has to undergo.


A quick guide to repair a cordless wrench

When repairing a cordless impact wrench, there are a number of steps that you simply have got to comply with. Here are the steps to repair a cordless impact driver which is inspired from the article here:

The very first thing that you just have got to do is to take away the battery % from the device. That is in your defense while repairing and preserving the device.


The bit holder section of the device;

On the subject of the bit holder component to the device, assembling and disassembling steps will have to be followed;

When disassembling the bit holder section, you must first do away with the ring springtime from the groove on the Anvil utilizing the preserving band S and the R pliers. Then, the flat washing machine, the sleeve, the compression planting and the steel ball 3.5 will also be eliminated.

When assembling the device, you should do the disassembling steps backward. Ultimately, you must practice grease to the Anvil before inserting the outer via it.

The hammer case

When retaining the hammer case, you need to disassemble it by using doing away with the bit holder area. Then, get rid of the PT3x10 tapping screw and take away the draw LED out of its casing earlier than detaching the stopper. After, that you may dispose of the bumper from hammer component of the device. Switch the hammer clockwise to utterly disassemble it.

In assembling this element of the gadget, do the prior steps backward. Furthermore, you will have to certainly not overlook to position the O band 46 throughout the groove located in the interior gear case. In fastening the interior apparatus, you must turn the gear counterclockwise closer to the torque making use of a 30-forty N.M instrument.

The Housing part

In disassembling the Housing L or Casing R motor section, you have got to cast off the accessories unless the inner equipment case is utterly exposed. Get rid of the carbon brushes before casting off the 4 M4x12 screws that fasten the case to the Housing R and Casing L. A thread locker is positioned on the screws. After, unscrew eight PT3x16 tapping screws to dispose of the inner gear case. Throughout this time, the housing R can also be separated from the casing L. Moreover, the inner electrical components can be removed from Housing. You can now take away the engine part from the casing L before you could do away with the top bell from the armature. After, you could position the motor discipline on the function desk.

In assembling this part of the device, you need to be certain that the notch inside the Yoke gadget is positioned on the force conclude of the armature. If that is hooked up incorrectly, the engine part cannot be established to the housing. You must assemble the rubber pin four to both the casing R and the housing L and make certain that the pins are in position earlier than putting the housings.

The subsequent thing to take care of is the hammering process and the spindle section. In disassembling this phase, you have to do away with the hammer first. You can do this by urgent down the sludge hammer utterly making use of a gear extractor. Then, you have to switch the spindle manage in the opposite direction and cast off the steel balls from the spindle using tweezers or utilizing a screwdriver magnetizer.

In assembling this part of the software, you’ve three.5 metallic balls in the groove on the hammer. After this, you are able to do the disassembling steps in reverse to gather this part of the gadget.

Have an impact on drivers are one of the crucial great tools to use at present. Such variety of instruments offers higher torque at a much rapid pace. This can be in comparison with a hammer with great linear vigor. This device is excellent for heavy-responsibility work like using lag bolts. Despite its vigor, this instrument perhaps complicated to control since of its knocking movement. If this device fails, you easily have got to follow the steps provided above to repair the device effectively and swiftly.

Reasonably priced water purifiers

Water purifiers are a mans’ best friend in our generation because they help us to access quality healthy water that has a great benefit in our lives. In the busy age that we live in today we can hardly find time to be looking around for quality water, which is why it is a good idea to invest in water purifiers.

Water purifiers can really come in handy to the average working class and the rest of the community in India. The number of filters being used continues to increase on a daily basis and even the media is playing a big role in promoting the use of water purifiers. A day would not go by without seeing advertisements on TV, newspapers, billboards and even hearing about them on radio and also the online review sites about water purifiers, Visit the site


Here is the list of all best water purifiers in India.

  1. HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier

HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier is the best seller in RO+UV and it is probably the first choice to consider when buying a RO+UV water purifier. It also works on electricity, comes in stylish colours. It is easy to use and also not too heavy and easy to lift and carry around the use. It has the capacity of 10 litres with dimensions of 486 * 360 * 311. You can expect to pay more or less Rs.21, 000.

  1. Tata Swach Smart 15 L Gravity Based Water Purifier

Tata Swach is most compact and easy to use water purifier available today in the market. What also makes it great is that it doesn’t require electric support. It is has the capacity of 15 litres and you can expect to purchase it at more or less Rs. 1400

  1. Pureit WPAD100 Advanced 23-Litre Water Purifier

This 23 litre capacity water purifier also works on electricity, it is the best to use for borewell and hard water in India. It has 61 * 23 * 36 dimensions and you can expect to purchase it for more or less Rs.3200.

  1. Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier

Kent Ultra UV water Purifier is one of the most popular and stunning looking water purifier available in market. It is also the best electronic water purifier you can get. It is a compact water purifier, it is easy to use, not too heavy and easy to lift and not importantly it is the best home use water purifier. It has the capacity of 15 litre with 39.5 * 13.6 * 34 dimensions. You can expect to purchase it for more or less Rs. 19. 000

  1. HUL Pureit WPWS100 Classic

We personally like it’s design and it is best to use in an environment or home with a small family. It is also good for office use and works on electricity. It has the capacity of 10 litres with dimensions of 486 * 360 * 311 dimensions. Good for home and office use. You can expect to pay more or less Rs.1600.