Tips for Applying Pomade on Curly Hair

So, you have a curly hair – so what? You can still achieve your preferred old school, pompadour hairstyle if you so desire.

Pomades come in a variety of hold strength – light, medium and strong hold. For styling a curly hair, you will need pomade with stronger hold because curly hair is harder to straighten.

Let’s move on to the tips for using pomade for curly hair.

  • As with all hair types, pomade works well with clean and damp hair. This is extremely important for curly hair because moisture helps to loosen the curls, for easier penetration of the pomade.
  • Using a good conditioner will help soften the hair for ease during styling.
  • Dry with a towel after washing; you don’t want your hair dripping wet, this will prevent the pomade from sticking. You don’t want to dry too much either, the hair should be a little damp, this is best.
  • Use a comb to comb the hair backwards to loosen the tangles and to create a direction for your hair. A few strokes of the comb should be enough to loosen the curls; they may come back of course but a direction of flow has been set and the hair is softer now.
  • Your pomade should be of high quality and of strong hold. Scoop a dime-sized amount and distribute evenly on your palm by rubbing both palms together. Generally better to start small then work your way up. If this is not enough  for waivy hairstyle type you can always get a best pomade for wavy hair. Apply the pomade to your hair evenly; making sure it covers all parts of your hair…or most of it. Use your fingers to run through your hair for even distribution.
  • Use a comb to achieve the styling you want. The more pomade you apply, the more hold you will achieve so if the hold is not enough, you can always add more pomade. It is always better to start small so as not to create a mess. Oil-based pomade is hard to get off hair so watch how much you apply because there will always be a small amount left in the hair till the next day.

So, it is possible after all to achieve that Elvis Presley look even with your curls. The tips listed above will guide you to doing that. With time, your hair will get used to the new direction and the pomade, making styling a lot less hard as when you were starting out.